Where: Cartagena, Colombia

Who: Lindsay Mukaddam, Content Creator and Travel Blogger of One Girl Wandering

What: The Cashmere Travel Wrap in Grapefruit

What brings you to Cartagena, Colombia and what do you love about being there?

I'm in Cartagena on a group trip with women from all over the United States. I love Cartagena for its colorful architecture. There is so much to see and do here, whether it's indulging in the flavorful food or admiring the street art.

"There is so much to experience when you leave yourself open to the world."
Where are some places you plan to wear the Travel Wrap?

The Hotel Movich Cartagena de Indias is the best rooftop bar to watch the sunset in the city. A dinner cruise in Cartagena Bay is a beautiful way to spend your evening. Cartagena is a warm climate, but it can get quite breezy on the city's rooftops and out on bay cruises in the evening.

How will you be styling the Travel Wrap in Cartagena?

The Travel Wrap is the perfect addition to an evening outfit. It also adds a beautiful pop of color that complements this vibrant city. And of course, it is a must on the plane for travel days!

Travel advice to live by?

Travel is all about getting out of your comfort zone and breaking up the routine you have at home. Eat local foods, try new activities, and chat with the locals. There is so much to experience when you leave yourself open to the world.

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