Catherine Zadeh is an entrepreneur, jewelry designer, and mother to three children. A firm believer in wearing a personal uniform, she’s defined her own style and charted her own path. Styled in White + Warren knitwear and Zadeh jewelry, Catherine and her daughters welcomed us one sunny afternoon in Greenwich, CT, to give us an intimate glance into their lives and the unique bond they all share.

On Motherhood

Catherine: “The beauty is that I have no regrets. I was very confident in the way I was raising my kids. I had no doubt that I was doing the right thing because everything I did was done with love. My critiques (and there were many) were always given with good intentions, with the goal of bettering themselves.”

On Traditions

Sophie: “Shabbat dinner with our cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents was something we would look forward to every week. It was a very festive atmosphere every Friday night. I would say now, most Fridays, a faction of us still get together.”

On Personal Style

Catherine: “My closet is filled with white pants. White pants are like a beautiful canvas. Whatever top you put [on], a white pant enhances it, makes it simple, makes it clean.”

Chloe: "I like things that are a little bit more feminine than what my sisters would typically wear. To my mom's great chagrin, I do like a print every so often."

“Growing up in Paris made me aware of what looks good with what. It’s not about big logos. It’s about putting high with low.”

– Catherine Zadeh

On Looking Back

Celine: “Watching her [mom] grow her business and constantly push boundaries—personally and professionally—was so instructive for each of us. She raised us with such a strong sense of self-worth and confidence; nothing was out of our reach. We could be homemakers and career-women and mothers all at once.”

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