Cashmere is prized for its softness, lightness, and excellent insulating properties. The fact that there are a limited number of goats that each farmer can own is also part of what makes cashmere such a luxurious and sought-after fiber. How your cashmere is sourced and produced matters, and we’re proud to offer the finest quality cashmere that has been controlled at every point in the manufacturing stage. Our cashmere production processes rely on meticulous record-keeping and full transparency from farm to finished garment. 

Our Factory

We are only as good as the partners we work with—and we are fortunate enough to have been working with the same factories since the very beginning. In turn, these factories have a valuable relationship with the herders from which they buy our cashmere.

Not All Cashmere Is Created Equal
Not All Cashmere Is Created Equal

The best quality cashmere comes from specific regions of Inner Mongolia where the temperature fluctuates from -40° in winter to over 30° in the summer. The cashmere goats have adapted to this climate by developing a double fleece and their long, fine undercoat hair makes for the most premium yarn. Our manufacturing partners attends The Shearing Festival in Inner Mongolia each year to ensure that we’re receiving the best quality cashmere.

A Higher Standard

Since our launch in 1997, the quality of our cashmere has never wavered. By going through the rigorous third-party testing process, we’re able to guarantee the use of 100% pure cashmere. Our manufacturers also keep detailed records of all goats, herders, and herd information, which gives us the ability to track all cashmere fibers from herder to final garment. In addition, we are also in the process of completing a Life Cycle Assessment study of our cashmere goods, which will provide us with key sustainability markers and allow us to make the best possible choices throughout our development and production supply chain.

At White + Warren, we’re committed to sustainability, which includes constantly educating ourselves and our partners, so we are able to evolve and produce mindfully-crafted cashmere goods made with the highest quality raw materials. As we continue to do more, we look forward to sharing updates with you.




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