Across history, flowers and plants have long represented different emotions or carried messages. This season, we felt drawn to their coded meanings, and all the ways we can use garden-fresh colors to sartorially talk to one another. From Coral Heather to Pink Geranium, soft cashmere to lofty Italian cotton, here’s what we’re saying with the season’s consciously crafted knits (without saying anything at all).

Heather flowers are a sign of beauty and strength, and what better way to convey your confidence than with a Cashmere Travel Wrap in our exclusive Garden and Coral Heather shades?

Speaking of heather, this Canvas Heather hue draws from the healing powers of its stems and leaves. When combined with recycled cotton and polyester yarns, this High Rib Crewneck is a naturally textured knit that brings new meaning to the phrase “feel-good fashion.”

Also on our list of must-haves is this Cropped V Neck sweater in Pink Geranium, named after a flower symbolizing happiness and friendship. To style it like an expert, ground the pretty hue with surplus pants in khaki or olive green for a utility-style look you can wear any day.


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