Where: Sandy Bay, Jamaica

Who: Marie Zoumanigui, Actor & Creator

What: The Cashmere Travel Wrap in Pink Sand

What brings you to Sandy Bay and what do you love about being there?

I had an incredible group trip to Jamaica, staying at the stunning Hyde Park Villa in the Tryall Club. It was my first visit to the country and having my sister with me made it even more special. I loved the people, delightful weather, and delicious food. I'm already planning my next trip back.

How will you be styling the Travel Wrap in Sandy Bay?

The Travel Wrap is essential for me on planes as it keeps me warm. During my trip, I made sure to pack a few dresses and paired them beautifully with the versatile Travel Wrap. It rained a lot while there, so I used the wrap as a cozy blanket while lounging on the couch. When the evening temperatures cooled down, I would drape the wrap over the dress I was wearing, adding an extra layer of elegance and warmth.

Travel Advice to live by?

Find a balance between planning and being receptive to the moment. Don't be afraid to deviate from the path because sometimes those are the most memorable experiences.

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