With Memorial Day fast approaching, it’s time to hit reset on your spring-to-summer color palette with a refreshing splash of white. Whether it’s a lightweight cardigan or the perfect tee, white always manages to look polished in a flash without putting much effort into getting dressed.

If you thought a restrained palette left little room for fun, think again. A relaxed white linen crewneck is made all the more appealing with hand-crocheted sleeves. Elsewhere, a hemp tank comes dotted with luxe ribbed details that peek out from underneath a matching hemp duster.

This season also ushers in a decidedly more refined alternative to the perennial plain white tee. Spun from lightweight, breathable, but not too sheer linen, it instantly elevates your everyday.

A classic Breton stripe sweater in bright white will appeal to print lovers, while color enthusiasts will gravitate toward a pitch-perfect cashmere wrap that pops next to a pastel slip or sundress.

In other words, the universal appeal of white is primed for warmer weather and up for anything.


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