Ask A Stylist is a series featuring White + Warren stylist Haley Loewenthal. In each edition, Haley answers our biggest fashion questions; we pose the scenarios, she picks the looks, and offers some expert sartorial advice along the way. In the latest installation of Ask A Stylist, Haley helps us navigate the tricky in-between season from winter to spring, encourages us to lean into more color, and also provides tips for shopping more sustainably. 

I love the Spring collection but there’s still snow on the ground! What’s a new season style that I can wear now AND later?

“One of my favorite Spring styles is the new novelty star-print sweatshirt in a seasonless neutral. For extra mileage, double down on tonal pairings that have a similar year-round appeal."

I’ve been living in the same sweatpants. How can I upgrade my loungewear in a way that’s comfy yet cool for on-the-go?

“Dress up cashmere sweats with a tailored coat, button-up shirt, and smart accessories—and relaxed loungewear feels instantly refined.”

My apartment is freezing and I’m on Zoom calls all day. What’s the coziest WFH look that’s presentable but easy to execute?

“Belt a cashmere Travel Wrap overtop a simple turtleneck or a plain tee for a chic put-together look. It’s basically just you incognito in a cozy blanket (but nobody has to know!).”

I’m in a color(less) rut! Nearly everything I own is black or gray. How can I ease into wearing more color in time for spring?

“Pair a shade that sparks joy with everyday styles that make you feel like you. When you’re in your comfort zone, it’s easier to experiment with color.”

For 2021, I’m looking to incorporate more sustainable pieces into my wardrobe. What’s the best place to start?

“Look for wardrobe staples with inherent outfit possibilities, like a classic cardigan or a V neck (or both!) in recycled cotton. It’s about quality over quantity, so invest in high-quality fabrics that will extend their shelf-life.”


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