Where: Val-d'Isère, France

Who: Laura Vidrequin Roso, Creative Consultant

What: The Cashmere Travel Wrap in Sand Wisp Heather

What brings you to Val-d'Isère and what do you love about being there?

My grandfather came to Val d’Isère for the first time in the 40s. Year after year, the resort has become our family’s home away from home. We reunite here once a year for cozy family time. I am ski obsessed and happiest when I am here. We are able to reminisce with family, which is such a special feeling. I am now extremely grateful to come here with my two boys and to continue our family traditions with them. I love everything about this village—every little shop, from the boulangerie to cheese shop—and there is the most beautiful church here as well!

How will you be styling the Travel Wrap in Val-d’Isère?

Here, I wear the Travel Wrap on a regular basis, as temperatures are below-zero every day. Whether I decide to stay cozy at home and use it as a throw, go for extended walks, or have some fun time in the snow, my Travel Wrap comes with me everywhere. It keeps me warm and adds a soft touch to my winter holiday outfits.

Travel Advice to live by?

Say yes to opportunities to discover and visit. We have been coming here now for four generations and, although the resort is my family home (my mother was in school here), the mountains have so much to teach us and to share with us. Nature in general is an amazing teacher, so be open to it and enjoy the ride.

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