Truth be told, the secret to living your best life isn’t really a secret. For starters, it’s about living a life that’s meaningful and fulfilling to you. Whether that equates to quality time with family, a purpose-filled career, travel plans, a number of hobbies, or a mix of it all, it’s all about defining life by your own terms. Below, our top seven style mantras illustrate how.


Not everyone’s day starts the same way. And yet, many of us cling to our morning rituals. A yoga workout, a cup of tea, it all sets the tone for the rest of the day. With that in mind, it’s the perfect moment to relax and give your mind and body a boost.


Let’s face it, there’s a lot to juggle throughout the day. Even a long list of errands can send you into a tailspin. That’s okay. Don’t let that stop you. See it as a challenge to move forward, toward the things you truly want in this life.


Many people give “me time” far less importance than the time they reserve for work, family and friends. Taking time to define your life and give it direction requires a bit of downtime. It’s not a process that can be rushed or worried over. So go ahead, make a date with yourself. It’ll be worth it.


As it turns out, creativity helps with being present. Stay curious. Learn and re-learn. Then hold that vision. By reconnecting with the passions and talents that make you unique, you’ll enhance your wellbeing and resilience. Living life on your own terms is a journey, so make sure you enjoy it.


The key to pulling off a great look? It starts with confidence. And the best way to build confidence is to trust your worth. When your self-confidence grows it gets easier to function in this big, sometimes messy world. It also gets easier to make a positive difference. Now, who wouldn’t want that?


Confidence aside, being open to new people, places and things opens you up to a different side of yourself. Not only does it help with making deeper connections with the world , it helps clarify what really matters to you. So go ahead, explore the other side of town. Catch up with that friend. You’ll never know what you’ll find.


Truth be told, a great outfit can enhance your mood and make you feel like your best self. Think of it as a form of self-love. Wear whatever you want, whenever you want. If that means getting dressed up for the supermarket or your living room couch, so be it. When you look good, you feel good—it’s like a superpower.

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