Quality guides the makings of White + Warren, inspiring the designs, colors and collections created each season. We’re equally invested in transparency, with intention and integrity woven throughout the material and processes we use. That’s why we’re excited to build on our ever-growing roster of responsibly sourced alpaca wool knits for Holiday 2023, crafted in partnership with a woman-owned Peruvian factory.

We’re always working to create knitwear that is thoughtfully designed, and our Plush Alpaca Blend Coatigan, Pointelle Crewneck, Fair Isle Crewneckand Cardigan showcase this through and through. Each knit is made with fibers sourced through agricultural practices that are better for the land and animals, and low-impact dyes.

We’re big supporters of community, and we can’t help but admire our partner factory’s efforts to support Peruvian women and their families through its foundation. By offering education, technical training and childcare, the foundation is helping women to achieve economic independence and limit their vulnerability to domestic violence.

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