When it comes to the perfect present, the old adage, “It’s the thought that counts,” still holds true. Which is why we polled the White + Warren creative team for ideas on the best cashmere gifts to give (or, let’s be honest, to receive) this holiday season. It all went down at our holiday photo shoot where they took some of our coziest new styles for a spin, while offering a sneak peek at their personal wish lists along the way.

“It's all in the details for my holiday wardrobe,” says stylist Haley Loewenthal. “I like to bring in subtle choices that have some sense of a festive feeling.” From cool loungewear to classic neutrals and the occasional pop of color, there’s nothing Loewenthal and her assistant, Tyler Okuns, can’t pull off. No matter what time of year, Loewenthal says comfort is key: “People always look their best when they feel comfortable.”


The photo team zooms in on cozy cashmere accessories. From left: Photo assistant Monika Kratochvil in Cashmere Plush Rib Beanie in Grey Heather and Cashmere Pop Top Gloves in Grey Heather; Digital Tech Billy Manchuck in Cashmere Face Mask in Grey Heather and Cashmere Gloves in Grey Heather; Photographer Ryan Slack in Snood in Black and Cashmere Gloves in Black.


“Nobody understands how luxurious the White + Warren cashmere Travel Wraps are until they experience it firsthand,” says photographer Ryan Slack. “It’s a splurge to spoil yourself, so it’s nice when someone surprises you with one as a gift. Scarves are warm, but wraps are warmer!” And Slack should know, adding: “I gave my girlfriend a wrap two years ago, and I borrow it whenever she isn’t wearing it, which is rare.”

Videographer Nadia Bedzhanova knows that pairing knits in muted pastel tones is the best way to fend off the frost without losing your cool. “I’m Russian, so I love knits that you can layer to add warmth without any bulk or weight,” Bedzhanova says.


Makeup artist Mika Shimoda and hair stylist Kazuto Shimomura find maximum comfort in our luxe new cashmere loungewear. The refined yet relaxed neutral palette is a perfect match for Shimoda, who says she sticks to an all-black uniform on and off-duty. Likewise, her counterpart  Shimomura stays true to his signature accessory, showing up to set in his favorite White + Warren beanie: a best-seller and a conversation piece. “I’m always asked by people where it’s from,” he says. “Everyone loves it!” Their shared lesson in easy, chic sophistication is a reminder that the best gifts are universal.

“It’s a gift in and of itself to be able to work with people that you genuinely enjoy,” says Art Director Jeremy Smetana, who is also the creative mastermind behind Whtie + Warren’s most fantastical and fabulous visuals and photo shoots (this one included). Smetana works closely with his team of talented creatives, like graphic designer Natalie Wasserman. A dynamic duo, they take our cashmere thermal 2.0 to cool new heights.

“Wearing a cashmere sweater is like receiving a constant hug—something everyone needs more of this holiday season,” says Wasserman. “When you’re far away from family and friends at a time that is defined by celebrations, put on a cashmere sweater and I promise it’ll transport you to a happier place. Better yet, gift them a cozy knit of their own to match.”


Wrap your loved ones in comfort, joy, and all things cashmere.



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