Travel Wraps + Scarves

Our best-selling cashmere wraps are the perfect year-round staple, offering no shortage of ways to layer up. It’s a supersoft scarf, evening wrap, and cozy blanket all rolled into one. Shop every color and print—including some exclusive to—here.

Travel Wraps + Scarves Image
The Cashmere Travel Wrap is a White + Warren best-seller. Available in two sizes—the iconic original Travel Wrap and the Mini Travel Wrap—both are marvelously multifunctional and will work seamlessly for both women and men alike. As a warm scarf, evening wrap, or cozy blanket, our Travel Wraps are perfect for bundling up in—whether you’re on the go, on the couch, or traveling on a long flight. At 81 inches by 36 inches, the generous size of the original Cashmere Travel Wrap is nothing short of luxurious. At 78 inches by 28, the Mini Travel Wrap is a smaller alternative that’s perfect for those who want a little less warmth and volume. All of our cashmere, the Travel Wrap included, is 100% traceable and will always be produced with ethical and environmental standards. All of our wraps are offered in a wide range of colors and prints, from timeless neutrals to exuberant brights, plus exclusive shades that you won’t find anywhere else. Shop for best-selling high-quality cashmere Travel Wraps and Mini Travel Wraps you’ll love for years to come—and get free shipping plus free returns on USA orders. Follow us on Instagram @WhiteAndWarren.