The Iconic Essentials

Our Essentials Collection is made up of our most popular styles, ever, and for good reason. They are as wearable as they are luxurious, with thoughtful details that go a long way. From the newly-added shrunken V neck to the longest-running trapeze cardigans, these iconic pieces are anything but ordinary.

The Iconic Essentials Image
White + Warren’s Iconic Essentials collection features our most popular styles ever, from the perfect tee to the classic cardigan to the polished sweatshirt. Inherently versatile, luxuriously soft, and made to wear now and forever, these are the building blocks that belong in every woman’s wardrobe. We obsess over every stitch and seam to create the perfect fit, finish, and more as we continue to evolve and elevate our Essential styles each season. The Essentials collection is offered in a wide range of colors, from timeless neutrals to exuberant brights. All of our cashmere is 100% traceable, including our Essentials collection, and will always be produced with ethical and environmental standards.