We took a page from astrology for our new, limited-edition Star Capsule Collection. Inspired by the night sky, our design team created two celestial patterns—one peppered with the twelve constellations of every zodiac sign and the other a scattering of stars—and then applied them to cashmere using a foil printing technique. Our exaggerated star print is another riff on the night sky, but its oversized shape gives it the versatility of more traditional color blocking. 

In honor of the Star Capsule Collection, we asked astrologer (and former Vogue editor) Alice Bell to pair the star signs with a piece from the capsule, and explain why it’s perfect for them. (Plus, we threw in a few extra White + Warren styles, because why not?)

Air Signs: Zodiac Print Pullover

Always the trendsetters, Aquariuses, Geminis and Libras are always doing—and wearing—things no one else is. 

“Air signs are very thought-oriented,” explains Bell. “There’s a deeper meaning behind this print, since you have to look a little closer to see the constellations. A Gemini especially would love to explain this sweater to someone.”

Water Signs: Exaggerated Star Travel Wrap

Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio tend to be more emotional signs, so comfort is key when it comes to what they wear.

“The Travel Wrap would be something water signs, especially Cancers, would wear to be comfortable,” says Bell. “The soft cashmere and soothing color palettes would really resonate.” Plus, according to Bell, water signs “pick up on the energy of their environments,” so they’re drawn to pieces that provide a feeling of protection.

Earth Signs: Cashmere Printed Star Scarf

Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus also love comfort—as well as stability.

“Scarves are very functional, and Earth signs like clothes that serve a purpose,” says Bell. “The color and star print goes with everything in their closet. Earth signs tend to have very edited wardrobes, but they’ll want this piece.”

Fire Signs: Exaggerated Star Print Pullover

Leo, Sagittarius and Aries are drawn to attention-grabbing, bold styles. 

“I could see them drawn to the Exaggerated Star Pullover,” muses Bell. “Leos especially wear clothing as a way to express themselves. And all fire signs, in general, don’t shy away from color.”


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