Thanks to their brilliance and beauty, crystals have officially transitioned from mystical to mainstream. Our latest collection, The Mindful State, is inspired by the healing powers of these natural gemstones and, of course, their stunning hues. Here, we break down just what each stone stands for, as well as the White + Warren pieces that borrow inspiration from their luster.


Characteristics: Vibrant green jade is seen as a lucky charm, and is said to bring wealth, prosperity, and success to the person who holds it. The stone also feels cool to the touch, and is often used in skin-depuffing jade rollers and gua sha facial tools, which date back to ancient Chinese beauty rituals.

Dusty Jade Heather can be seen in: Cashmere Travel Wrap, Mini Travel Wrap, Blouson Sleeve Crewneck, Open Cable Cardigan. (In addition, real nano-particles of the gemstone can also be found in our jade blend yarn—more on that here.)


Characteristics: Known for their pearlescent brilliance, opals act as a prism, giving off white, bright pink, blue, green, and yellow, depending on the light. Although once rumored to bring bad luck, the stone is believed to represent healing, passion, and creativity in many cultures.

Pink Opal can be seen in: Wide Rib Slouchy V Neck, Cashmere Travel Wrap


Characteristics: Technically not a gemstone, amber is fossilized resin from the evergreen tree and is known for its warm, rich orange hue. Because amber can be hundreds of thousands of years old, it’s valued for its protective energy, and is said to dispel negativity and bring about emotional balance, good luck.

Amber Heather can be seen in: Blouson Sleeve Crewneck, Exaggerated Puff Sleeve Cardigan, Cashmere Travel Wrap


Characteristics: Gaining its unique foggy grey color from granite deposits in the earth, smoky quartz is known as a detoxifier. Associated with balance and anxiety relief, soothing smoky quartz is the gemstone to carry for those mentally not-quite-crystal-clear days. 

Smoky Quartz can be seen in: Cashmere Travel Wrap, Mini Travel Wrap, Wide Rib Slouchy V Neck, Cashmere Block Stripe Poncho, Cashmere Stripe Mockneck


Characteristics: A striking member of the quartz family, agate can often be seen in jewelry and home decor. Each color holds a different meaning, and deep blue is most often associated with tranquility, relaxation, and stress relief.

Blue Agate can be seen in: Wide Rib Slouchy V Neck, Cashmere Travel Wrap


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