Eliza Blank

Founder and CEO of The Sill

Much like many women who move to NYC, Eliza Blank found herself feeling disconnected from nature. Instead of just spending time in Central Park, she started plant delivery service The Sill, aiming to make it “nothing short of easy to incorporate plants back into the urban environment—through the convenience of online shopping, door-to-door shipping and delivery, plus the support of our education to ensure you have a long, happy and healthy relationship with your plants!”

In terms of supporting a green life (outside of literal greenery!), Blank points to how incredibly easy it is to start small by doing something as simple as turning your faucet off, carrying a tote bag to go shopping, or using your dishwasher less. By changing your daily habits, you are making a contribution back to the environment. “The bottom line is you don’t have to be Captain Planet to contribute,” she says. “Commit to one change of behavior at a time.”

“Plants are known to increase our creativity, productivity and boost our mood. It seemed only natural to connect plants with wellness because the link is real.”


Co-Founder of Y7

If you’ve never done hot yoga to hip-hop beats, then it’s time to get to one of the six Y7 studios in NYC and LA. Co-founder Sarah Levey always had a love for yoga but couldn’t find the studio that felt like home to her, so she started her own. “It’s a place that welcomes everyone, no matter where you are in your practice. And it’s the music that motivates me—it’s what I want to move to.”

Another daily practice for Levey is being conscious of the world we live in by always trying to be aware of the little actions, whether it’s refilling a water bottle instead of buying a new plastic bottle or if a straw is needed. “The same goes for life in general,” she says. “Start small. There’s no need to try to go for the gym for an hour every single day and feel bad if you miss a day. Set goals that are realistic and build from there.”

“Your version of “wellness” isn’t going to look like mine or the person next to you in class. It’s important to remember that we are all unique in our needs.”


Founder and CEO of Modern Picnic

“We have the power to make a change with our everyday choices, no matter how big or how small,” says Kaminetsky. For this young entrepreneur, that is put into practice every day while growing her vegan lunch box line, Modern Picnic. “Our environmental and social responsibility is to provide women with a chic, practical alternative to the plastic and paper bag, and to help everyone be conscientious with their consumption.”

We also love not only the commitment to helping other women live a more sustainable life, but the commitment to carrying out her idea, even when it felt daunting. “I had this light bulb moment where I had this vision, and I had this idea to create a chic lunch bag for women, but at 22 years old, I had no idea how to actually execute and actually turn it into a reality,” says Kaminetsky. “It took a tremendous amount of trial and error and not being afraid to seek support and insight from the people around me.” 

“Never feel that you have to sacrifice your style for sustainability.”


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