Our Spring collection continues to draw inspiration from modern goddesses and the stories passed down about them from generation to generation. We turn to Persephone, the ancient Greek goddess of Spring, who represents the return of life from winter. Seeking to reconnect with the earth in a time of technology overload, we focus on the resurgence of the landscape and the importance of taking time to ground ourselves.

Our color palette draws from nature with warm sun-soaked neutrals, along with vibrant tones of blush pink, deep mustard and rich poppy.

Ruffles, smocking and pleating are an embrace of femininity while still maintaining a sophisticated and delicate look. 

CREDITS: Photography, Ryan Slack. Styling, Kerri Scales. Set Design, Oak Laokwansathitaya. Hair, Kazuto Shimomura. Makeup, Mika Shimoda. Talent, Ruby Aldridge.


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