Your social calendar is filling up with long-awaited events. For spring galas, birthday dinners, and everything in between, these are the must-haves and must-do’s for making the most of every single one.

Meet The New Spring Formal

A relaxed luxury is influencing everything we wear, including the dressiest of dress codes. The new look is the Silk Cashmere Shrug paired back to a strappy dress.

The Cardigan Gets An Evening Update

Why keep the cardigan on reserve as an extra layer? We suggest wearing the Essential Cashmere Crewneck Cardigan or Linen Blend Shrunken Cardigan as a standalone top to infuse a little sophistication into your cocktail party look.

The Travel Wrap Can Do It All

For back-to-back plans, the Silk Cashmere Travel Wrap promises to be your all-day accessory. Wear it over a floral dress to a garden party in the afternoon and then over a vest and pants to dinner.

Prepare To Be The Guest Of Honor

Bridal shower and rehearsal dinner on the horizon? We’re loving the Linen Blend Two Way Topper and the Cashmere Travel Wrap as your something new and something blue.

Swap Your Blazer For A Trapeze

For dialed-down sophistication, forgo the requisite blazer in favor of trapeze cardigan. Look for a version with a twist—like the Linen Blend Cropped Trapeze Cardigan or Essential Cashmere Cropped Trapeze.


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