Sticking to a fitness regime in the age of COVID-19 may seem next to impossible, but it also presents a chance to get off the treadmill of life—and get into the world of virtual fitness. As the most sought-after boutique classes and celebrity trainers begin shifting into more regular streaming schedules, it’s never been easier to fit in a workout from the comfort of your own living room. For most of these online programs, all you need is enough space to stretch out and a strong Wifi connection.

Here, 6 workouts the White + Warren team has been streaming to stay active as we #StayHome.


She’s the top trainer whose muscle-defining toning moves whip Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr into shape. Work out in real time with Anderson herself or stream from an on-demand library. If  you’re cohabiting with teenagers, be sure to check out Anderson’s Teen Stream program. 


Yogis hoping to get in their sun salutations anytime, anywhere can look to Sky Ting Yoga. Founders Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan have launched Sky Ting TV, a digital subscription where you can download a variety of classes, including Katonah and Vinyasa; guided meditation and breathing practices; mini wake-up routines and more according to length and skill level. 


Cardio lovers living in close quarters turn to trainer Lauren Kleban, whose LEKFIT streams are designed to be space-efficient and effective (most routines require only resistance bands and a mat). Enjoy a stretch series (perfect for resetting your mind and body after a long WFH day sitting still), pre- and post-natal options, plus new curated content added weekly.


This one is more than a workout—it’s a cathartic release. Taryn Toomey, the fitness guru who has garnered a cult following for her mind-body classes where you can “sweat, cry and scream.” Blast through heart rate–pumping burpees, freestyle dancing and endorphin-firing roaring to Fleetwood Mac.


If you’re a barre enthusiast, Barre3 is, well, on point. The digital version provides the same body-sculpting benefits and skilled instruction, where small movements build muscle definition, flexibility and strength. Choose from thirty-minute, forty-minute and hour-long classes or focus on a specific area, like arms or glutes. With a strong emphasis on mindfulness and mind-body connection, Barre3 will leave you thoroughly exhausted and calm your mind in equal measure. 


Reap the benefits of a personal trainer in the era of social distancing with Mirror, the futuristic screen that mounts on your wall and delivers in-home workouts, from kickboxing to pilates, plus one-on-one sessions. Alicia Keys, Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon are among the many A-listers who love it.  (The New York Times called it the biggest celebrity-fitness sensation since SoulCycle.) After being paired with a pro (real or virtual, it's up to you), you’ll get real-time workouts, feedback on form and even high fives.


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