Our new splatter prints are like a wearable work of art. Just ask White + Warren Director of Product, Bari Shore. Here, we go behind the seams with Shore for a designer’s-eye view of a new capsule collection that blends modern art with all things cashmere.

“We were inspired by sugar sprinkles and confetti,” Shore says. “The splatter print was designed in-house at a time when we were all craving a crafty dose of happiness in our lives—and in our wardrobes.” With sweatshirts and wraps dusted with confectionary flecks of color, it’s the perfect opportunity to double down on cashmere for a print-on-print  statement. As Shore adds: “The message here is: more is more!”

Our designers had fun rendering the splatter details in two distinct colorways—and both are sure to satisfy your sartorial sweet tooth. The indigo  will pair perfectly with your go-to pair of jeans, while the bright-white alternative is punctuated by all of your favorite pastels.

If the splatter effect is giving you art-class vibes, you’re not alone. As Shore explains, the one-of-a-kind print is meant to evoke the inner kid in you. “We loved the idea of doing a modern, grown-up spin on splatter painting.” Adding: “Fashion and art are way more fun when they both play together.”


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