What does your zodiac sign say about your style? As it turns out, a lot. Just ask Alice Bell—professional astrologist and It girl—who is an expert in looking to the stars for sartorial guidance. According to Bell, it’s all about dressing to express your inner self. “If you stay true to who you are, it will be reflected in your taste, which is based in astrology.”

Bell has made an entire career out of using astrology to explain certain personality traits, and by extension, personal senses of style—and she knows a thing or two about style. While getting her masters in Fashion Journalism at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London, Bell interned at British Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily. After graduation, she landed a job in American Vogue’s fashion department.

Fast forward to a few years later, Bell left the magazine world and turned her longtime love for astrology into a full-fledged profession—and did it all with stylish aplomb. Simply scroll through Bell’s Instagram and you’ll see her hitting the streets of New York, where she lives, in a space-themed statement coat; or grabbing coffee in a mini dress with spangly star embroidery, plus a velvet bag with a pink sequined moon.

Bell—whose bio reads “Aquarius sun, Pisces moon and Leo rising”—looks the part of an astrologist and never strays far from her Aquarian roots. As she explains: “An Aquarius is always going to have a very unique, eccentric way of dressing.”

In celebration of White + Warren’s new star-print capsule collection, Bell took our celestial-chic cashmere knits for a spin, while delivering fashion horoscopes for every zodiac. From fire to earth signs, air to water signs, Bell sees star prints and more in your future.



Aries, you have an active lifestyle, and you don’t like sitting around and waiting for things to come to you. You have a lot of energy inside, and you might always be initiating new plans or plotting out your next adventure. You readily take risks and put yourself out there, and you’re also not afraid to make a statement with what you wear. You might be drawn to pieces in bright colors, as well as outfits that you can just throw on and go. You need clothing that you can easily move around in, such as a cotton crewneck or a mesh net sweatshirt.


Leo, you like to make an entrance, and you want people to take notice of what you have to say and offer. You also have a lot of creative energy, which you need to express either by having an artistic job, hobby, or putting together very specific looks for yourself. You might be more dramatic with your personal style choices, because you like to stand out with what you wear. You don’t shy away from bright colors and loud prints, and every last detail down to your shoes and accessories has to coordinate perfectly. You might like a matching cashmere sweater set or a bold striped tee.


You have a love for learning, Sagittarius. You might be a big reader or you’re constantly teaching yourself new subjects and expanding upon your knowledge of the world. Traveling and interacting with people from foreign cultures also forces you to think differently and form new opinions for yourself. You have a naturally optimistic spirit as well, and you may have a faith that everything will turn out as it should for you. It’s easy for you to take risks and put yourself out there. You may need clothing you can pack easily in a suitcase, such as a cashmere travel wrap or an open cardigan.



Taurus, you appreciate nice things and you like to treat yourself. However, if you’re going to splurge on clothing, you want it to be worth it. You’re very sensitive to how items look and feel, so you might be drawn to softer fabrics like cashmere or silk. You also like to have consistency and stability in your life, and your wardrobe choices are no different. Feeling comfortable is a priority for you, and once you’ve found a particular style that works, you tend to stick with it. Therefore, you may prefer classic silhouettes like a v-neck sweater or a comfortable knit midi dress.


You approach life practically, Virgo. You probably have specific daily routines that you enjoy, and you like being productive and feeling useful. You might constantly be looking for ways in which you can be more efficient and improve upon yourself. Exercising and eating healthy are probably top priorities for you, so might like clothing with an activewear element to it. You also pay great attention to detail, and you’re always making sure that no stray hair is left out of place. You might be drawn to items that have a clean cut, such as a pleated cardigan, or that come in neutral colors such as black, white or beige.


You crave structure in your life, Capricorn, and you might always be working towards some kind of goal. Your career is probably a priority, and you readily take on greater responsibilities at work. You know what you want for yourself in the long run, and you will do whatever it takes to get there. You present yourself as strong and confident, which is also seen in your clothing choices. You want items that are more polished and put together, and that work well with the rest of your wardrobe. You might like a ribbed polo or a cashmere tee you can pair with slacks, a skirt, or jeans.



You’re a social creature, Gemini, and you might always be venturing out to meet new people or bouncing your ideas off of friends. You also have a lot of different interests, and you can pick up information quickly and come up with ideas on the spot. You may change your mind often though, and find it hard to settle on one particular task or opinion. You switch up your personal style just as frequently, and you like to keep up with whatever is trendy and of the moment. Funky prints such as tie-dye or ombre, or sweaters with a puff sleeve would be most likely to pique your interest.


You take your relationships seriously, Libra, and you might need those close connections with people in order to learn more about yourself. You’re easily able to empathize with others and compromise when necessary. You like everything to remain peaceful in your life, and you also like to surround yourself with beauty. You might be drawn to more feminine clothing with a lower neckline or a ruffled detail, such as a cashmere wrap sweater or an off the shoulder top. The way you dress is more flirty, and has to be able to seamlessly transition into date night. Soft shades of pink and purple might catch your eye as well.


You march to the beat of your own drum, Aquarius. You need the freedom to be able to do your own thing, and you might go out of your way to be different from everyone else. Usually lost in your own thoughts, you’re always coming up with unique ideas which no one has considered before. You also have an inner restlessness, and you might need to make major changes for yourself every now and then to keep life interesting. When it comes to your personal style, you don’t follow trends and you like wearing clothing that stands out, such as one off pieces that have a cool print or a hidden detail.



Cancer, you need time to be by yourself, and you may feel more comfortable staying in than going out. You prefer being around people you already know, and you put a lot of energy into your family commitments as well as maintaining your close friendships. Because you like retreating to your own safe space and doing things around the home, you may prefer clothing that you can lounge around in, such as a cashmere sweatshirt or a cozy wrap that can double as a blanket. You’re also nostalgic, so you might veer towards items with a vintage element, like a mock neck sweater.


Scorpio, you can be a little intense. You’re more of a private person, and it takes you awhile to trust others and fully open up. You also have an interest in understanding how people work, and you might like to study topics that go beneath the surface of reality. There’s a certain magnetic quality to you that draws people in as well. Your secretive nature is echoed in your fashion choices, and you might like to dress in darker colors that don’t draw a lot of attention to yourself, such as a black turtleneck. You also prefer form fitting silhouettes, such as a body hugging midi dress.


Pisces, you are super intuitive. You might be overwhelmed by your emotions sometimes, because you easily pick up on how other people are feeling, as well as the energy of the atmosphere around you. You may need to retreat and be by yourself every now and then. You’re also very compassionate, and you might go out of your way to help someone out with their problems. To keep yourself calm and grounded, you probably like to dress in soothing shades of blue, purple or green, or you may like to wear tops and skirts that are more flowy and relaxing.

Astrologist Alice Bell is an Aquarius sun, Pisces moon and Leo rising. Often described as a “Millennial Susan Miller,” Bell first became interested in astrology because it helped her validate certain personality traits that she always had difficulty accepting. Through her detailed chart readings, which are available via her website, StalkAlice.com, Bell aims to help others see the positive side to their emotional challenges, while showing them how to use their unique quirks to their advantage. Bell is the resident astrologer for British Vogue, where you can read her weekly horoscopes. She has also contributed  to astrology content for Vogue USA, Vogue Australia, and Teen Vogue among others.


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