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In Their Own Words

“Amhara is the little sister I never had. Although she's my niece, we're only 13 years apart, so our relationship waffles between big sister/little sister and aunt/niece. I can be motherly with her too because I was there from the beginning. I adore Amhara! I think she's the most amazing artist, and I'm her biggest fan. She's gorgeous and has such an amazing spirit. She's kind, patient and a joy to be around. She makes me so proud, and I love supporting all her dreams!”

– Faith

“I grew up with my aunt acting like a big sister to me. I always thought she was extremely smart and nice growing up, and she has been a great role model for me. She is the kind of person you can always rely on because she delivers in every area of her life and makes it seem effortless. My favorite memories from when I was young are of us playing in the snow or going to her track meets to see her run.”

– Amhara


“We spent some time in Wynwood and South Beach. I loved hanging out in Wynwood because it reminded me of the neighborhoods I frequent in Brooklyn. All of the graffiti and art galleries we saw made me feel at home.”


“I would describe my style as tomboy chic. I love that athleisure is having a moment now because that's basically how I've been dressing since I was a teen. I'm all about looking stylish and being comfortable at the same time.”

– Faith

“Outside of music-making and performing, I have a real passion for fashion and makeup and often play around with creating special looks for shows or just day to day.”

– Amhara

“We hung out in Wynwood and South Beach—two of my go-to spots to take friends and family when they visit me. Everyone loves the beach, but there are also tons of great restaurants and shopping in South Beach. I always have a good time there, especially after games. My husband (NBA player, Udonis Haslem) and I often grab a bite to eat at Prime Italian before heading home.”

– Faith

“Wynwood, on the other hand, is the Miami version of Brooklyn or the Lower East Side—it's where all the cool kids hang! I love it because it adds a hip, downtown feel to the city without trying too hard, and although it isn't near the water, it still feels like Miami. It also has beautiful wall art that is perfect for photo backdrops.”

– Faith

“To this day, she continues to inspire me. I admire the beautiful woman she has become—especially while being a great mom to my little cousins whom I love dearly.”

– Amhara

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